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News Releases

Date Title
2017-07-19 MSRS Delegation Attended 2017 China Investment Forum in Prague
2017-06-19 Opportunities Arising from China-Pakistan Collaboration under the “Belt and Road Initiative”
2017-06-03 Hong Kong to Capitalize on Developmental Opportunities under “the Belt and Road Initiative”
2017-05-23 MSRS and BOC Jointly Organize “Operation Zhang Qian 2017” Kick-off Ceremony
2017-05-18 Iran’s Strategic Significance and Outlook under “the Belt and Road Initiative”
2017-05-16 葉劉淑儀率匯賢智庫及海上絲路協會訪問中國致公黨及全國港澳研究會(Chinese Only)
2017-05-11 Joint Business Delegation to Guangxi to Strengthen Guangxi-Hong Kong Collaboration
2017-04-23 The Belt and Road Tea Culture Tour
2016-12-27 Maritime Silk Road Society and China Academy of Culture Jointly Organize the Xi’an Cultural Tour
2016-09-24 First Anniversary of the Maritime Silk Road Society and “Operation Zhang Qian 2016” Sharing Session
2016-05-29 Maritime Silk Road Society Organizes the “Nanhai No.1 - Cultural Tour”
2016-05-20 “Operation Zhang Qian – Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme” Kick-off Ceremony
2016-03-28 Maritime Silk Road Society and Local Undergrads Embark on the Fujian (Xiamen, Quanzhou) Cultural Tour
2016-02-27 Leaders from Top-notch Enterprises Speak at “The Belt and Road Initiative – Combining Hard Power with Soft Power” Conference
2016-01-23 Dr Su Ge Sheds Light on the Belt and Road Initiative from An International Perspective