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Belt and Road Grand Canal Cultural Tour


      Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) has successfully organized the “Belt and Road Grand Canal Cultural Tour” from 23 to 27 July 2018. In the tour, Hong Kong students explored Ningbo and Hangzhou to deepen their understanding of China’s Grand Canal culture, familiarise themselves with connections between the ancient Grand Canals and the Silk Road, as well as the relationship with the Belt and Road Initiative.

     The tour was led by Mr Alex Wong, CEO of MSRS. Ms Chen Juan, Deputy Consultant of Department of Social Affairs, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in HKSAR, joined the tour as Advisor.

    The tour was sponsored by the Youth Development Commission’s “Funding Scheme for Youth Exchange in the Mainland”. Sixty local secondary and university students took part in the tour.

      On 23 July, right after arrival in Ningbo, the tour visited Ningbo University which was founded by shipping tycoon Mr Pao Yue-Kong with his generous donation. After having a meal at a university canteen, Hong Kong students attended a seminar presented by Prof. Yu Haihong, Maritime School of Ningbo University on the development strategy of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

     The tour continued its journey in Ningbo on 24 July. The first stop was Hailun Piano Company Limited where Hong Kong students learnt about the company’s success in market penetration with its high-quality pianos. The students then visited China Port Museum. As the first of its kind in China, the museum covers the history of Chinese maritime development and China's contemporary port development. They also visited Ningbo Science Exploration Centre to explore popular science by interactive activities. 

     The tour arrived Hangzhou on 25 July. During their three-day stay in Hangzhou, the students visited Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Museum where they learnt about the position and function of the grand canals in history. Then they visited “Intelligent e-Valley” and “China Artificial Intelligence Town” to study how innovative technology was applied in daily life. The tour also visited Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Company Limited to explore how technology and artificial intelligence were applied in public security, transportation, etc.

    The students also visited “Dream Town” in Yu Hang District. They were given very good understanding of how the government encouraged and assisted young entrepreneurs in starting up their own business.

    The tour made a side trip to West Lake for a lesson in history and culture before the students caught their flight back home.


Presentation Powerpoint of Prof. Yu Haihong (Chinese only)

Biography of Prof. Yu Haihong (Chinese only)


(Click here for viewing excerpts of Best Reports of “Grand Canal Cultural Tour”) (Chinese only)


1. Hong Kong students attended a seminar at Ningbo University.

2. The tour visited Hailun Piano Company Limited.

3. The tour visited Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Museum.

4. The tour visited “Intelligent e-Valley”.

5. The tour visited Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Company Limited.

6. Mr Alex Wong presenting a souvenir to Mr Huang Jun from the United Front Work Department of  Ningbo Municipal Committee of CPC.

7. Mr Alex Wong presenting Certificate of Appreciation to representatives of Hailun Piano Company Limited.

8. Mr Alex Wong presenting Certificate of Appreciation to a representative of “Intelligent e-Valley”.

9. Mr Alex Wong presenting Certificate of Appreciation to a representative of “China Artificial Intelligence Town”.

10. Group photo taken at Hailun Piano Company Limited.

11. Group photo taken at China Port Museum.

12. Group photo taken at Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Company Limited.

13. Group photo taken at Ningbo Science Exploration Centre.

14. The tour visited “China Artificial Intelligence Town”.

15. Students drawing on paper fans.

16. A student snapped at Ningbo old streets.

17. Students snapped at a book store.