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Event Highlights

Operation Zhang Qian Alumni Network: Education and Employment in the "Belt & Road" Countries (Mainland)


The ‘Operation Zhang Qian Alumni Network: Education and Employment in the "Belt & Road" Countries (Mainland)’, jointly organized by the Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) and Starian, was conducted on 7 November in an online mode. Members of MSRS and Starian shared their experiences, allowing participants to learn about the development of the Mainland's further studies and employment market, and providing Hong Kong youth with more diverse ways to get further studies and career aspects. Participants of this event included people from different fields and students from various universities.

The webinar hosted by Mr Alex Yu, Project Coordinator of MSRS, first introduced the background of the MSRS and the speakers, then followed by the speaker's own experience of studying in China.

In her speech, Ms Beatrix Tsang, Head of the Public Relations of Starian, said that she went to study and worked in the Mainland in the early years, and she encountered a lot of difficulties at school. She hoped that the participants would be inspired by her story and understand the current situation of mainland China.

Ms Janelle Hung, Public Relations Officer of Starian, is also a Hong Kong graduate who went to the Mainland for further studies. She shared her work experience, in particular, she mentioned the difference between the work culture in the Mainland and Hong Kong. She also pointed out that there were abundant job opportunities in the Mainland and it would be a great opportunity for Hong Kong people who aspire to achieve their goals.

In terms of cultural exchanges, Mr Christopher Lai, a third-year music education student of The Education University of Hong Kong, introduced the MSRS cultural exchange activities he had participated in, which he believed was of great significance to broading his horizons and understanding the living conditions in the Mainland.

In the Q&A session, both Ms Tsang and Ms Hung provided ample resources regarding the application channels and methods of studying in the Mainland while Mr Lai also cited his experience of living in the Mainland.

This online seminar covered a variety of practical information on further studies and employment in the Mainland. In conclusion, the moderator encouraged everyone to learn more about the development of the motherland and seize the opportunities which are increasing day by day.


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