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Operation Zhang Qian 2019


My Internship Encounters - Operation Zhang Qian 2019 Instagram Photo Contest

[Update: Contest ended; Winners below!]


1st Prize & People's Choice Award Winner: HUANG Jiaxin

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You might think she's just an ordinary chef in a small and old-fashioned restaurant. However, she's the only cook as well as the boss of a Michelin-one-starred restaurant - Jay Fai. After being awarded, she never considered expansion. She kept everything unchanged. She still picks seafood and cooks herself to serve hundreds of customers every day while she can probably serve thousands if she opens up branches. All she hopes is to provide the best quality Thai cuisines. The fame didn't distract her from the aspiration but further strengthened her determination. As a result, she made herself live up to the Michelin glory. I genuinely believe this is the only way to success. Be determined. Be focused. Be consistent.


2nd Prize Winner: CHENG Tsz Yan

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"Woo, they looks so pretty! What's happening there?" I said. Visiting one of the most important temple in Colombo, Gangaramaya Temple, there were some local with gorgeous dressing. Me and my friend thought they were so pretty and wanted to take picture with them. At the same time, we wonder why they dressed up like that. So, we asked and finally discovered that a wedding ceremony were going to hold there! So happy to share their joyful and take this treasure photo with Sri Lankan kids with their wedding party custom.



Thank you for your participation!