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Establishment of “Youth Opportunities Committee” To enhance the upward mobility of youths


  The Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) today (8 December) announced the establishment of its “Youth Opportunities Committee” (YOC) to enhance the upward mobility of youths.


  Speaking at the press conference, Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of MSRS, said, “YOC aims at encouraging young people to gain a better understanding of ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’, help them explore developmental opportunities of the initiative and enhance their competitiveness over the long term.


  Mrs Ip said, “Since the inauguration of MSRS, Mr Bernard Chan, Co-Chair of MSRS, and I noticed that the opportunities of upward mobility for young people in Hong Kong are diminishing. After discussion with the members of MSRS, we concluded that a Youth Opportunities Committee should be set up. We are honoured that Dr Peter K.K. Lee has accepted our invitation to be the Chair of the Committee, and three young people, Mr Karson Choi, Ms Eunice Yung and Mr Roland Wong, agreed to join the Committee as Vice-Chairs.”


  Although the Chairman of Youth Opportunities Committee, Dr Peter K.K. Lee, was unable to attend the press conference due to prior commitments, he said he was honoured to have been invited to become the Chairman of the YOC. He looked forward to contributing to the future development and well-being of young people in Hong Kong.


  At the press conference, Mr Bernard Chan announced the implementation of “Operation Zhang Qian – Student Summer Internship Programme”. This Programme is intended to encourage undergraduate students to re-capture the ancient spirit of adventure epitomized by Zhang Qian, the pioneer of the Silk Road in the Han dynasty, to expand their horizons as well as build up their connections across nations and cities along the “Belt and Road”.


  According to Mr Chan, his company, Asia Financial, would take part in the internship programme by offering two places at Chatrium Hotels and Residences in Bangkok.

  Outlining details of the internship programme, Mrs Ip said, “The Programme will offer a four to eight weeks’ internship placement in countries and regions along “the Belt and Road” in the summer of 2016. Internship will take place in countries and regions such as Canada, Czech Republic, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan, etc. featuring jobs in area ranging from tourism, finance, information  systems, technology, logistics, energy and infrastructure, petrochemical to food processing. Students will be provided with training programmes under the supervision of experienced staff so that students can gain on-the-job experiences of working in the various industries. MSRS has already gained the support of many local universities and plans to start receiving applications in January 2016.”


  Mr Karson Choi, Executive Vice-Chair of YOC, said, “I am honoured to be part of YOC and help provide outward exploratory opportunities for Hong Kong young people. With the work of various youth organizations that I am associated with and the establishment of YOC, I am pleased to see the launch of YOC’s external training programme for university students, so that more young people will seize the advantage of ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’, leverage their own strengths and capitalize on future developmental opportunities in ‘the Belt and Road’ countries and regions. I would like to highlight that my experience of studying overseas has greatly enriched my knowledge, widened my horizon and exerted much positive impact on my personal development.”


  Ms Eunice Yung, Vice-Chair (Administration) of YOC as well as Convenor of Hong Kong Youth and Professional Network (HKYPN) has been closely involved in work promoting entrepreneurship and career development opportunities for youths. At the inauguration ceremony of HKYPN on 1 December, MOUs (memorandum of understanding) with Qianhai Management Bureau, Hengqing Management Bureau and Huanan City were signed respectively. Ms Yung said, “I am very honoured to join YOC and look forward to future collaboration between HKYPN and YOC providing more career development opportunities for Hong Kong’s youths. Through counselling, professional advice and internship placements, we hope to help them with business creation, broaden their horizons and expand their network.”


  Mr Roland Wong, Vice-Chair (Development) of YOC, said, “YOC will organize its first activity ‘Fujian Quanzhou – Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour’ between 25 and 29 March next year. Quanzhou is a political, economic, cultural, trading and transportation centre and the starting point of the historic Maritime Silk Road. A visit to Quanzhou will help students enhance their knowledge of its strategic location and historical culture, understand the relationship between Maritime Silk Road and Hong Kong and explore future opportunities. A specially designed itinerary will include exchange with local university students, visits to Fujian Free Trade Test Zone, large conglomerates and museums. ”


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Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of Maritime Silk Road Society, introduces the student internship programme.


Mr Bernard Chan, Co-Chair of Maritime Silk Road Society, announces the implementation of “Operation Zhang Qian – Student Summer Internship Programme”.


Mr Karson Choi, Executive Vice-Chair of Youth Opportunities Committee, shares his experience of studying overseas.


Ms Eunice Yung, Vice-Chair (Administration) of Youth Opportunities Committee, looks forward to providing more career development opportunities for Hong Kong’s youth.


Mr Roland Wong, Vice-Chair (Development) of Youth Opportunities Committee (YOC), introduces the first YOC activity “Fujian Quanzhou – Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour”, to be held between 25 and 29 March next year.