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Event Highlights

Mrs Regina Ip Addressed SCAA World Chinese Accountants Conference


At the invitation of the Society of Chinese Accountants & Auditors (SCAA), Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of Maritime Silk Road Society, spoke at the SCAA World Chinese Accountants Conference on 19 May.

Entitled “World Chinese Accountants Conference – Opportunities of Belt and Road Initiative”, the Conference is part of SCAA’s programme to celebrate its 105th anniversary. The Conference was attended by 500 representatives from government departments, accounting and financial industries, professional bodies and academics.

With the “Belt and Road Initiative and Accountants’ Participation” as the theme of her presentation, Mrs Ip gave an outline of the background of the Initiative and its achievements thus far, quoting statistics from the Big Data Report on Trade Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative 2018. Referring to the advantages and challenges facing Hong Kong accountants, she encouraged local professionals to capitalize on the latest developments of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA). In conclusion, Mrs Ip reminded the professionals and the multinational corporations the importance of managing political risks in the 21st century which had become a strategic requirement in a business world.