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Mrs Regina Ip spoke at Inaugural Ceremony of the Maritime Silk Road Society


Inaugural Ceremony of the Maritime Silk Road Society, 27 September 2015

Welcome Speech by Mrs. Regina Ip, GBS, JP, Co-chair of the Executive Committee

The Honorable Mr. Zhou Bo, Chief Executive Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Mr. Zhang Xiaoming, Deputy Commissioner Madam Tong Xiaoling, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Good evening! On this auspicious day of the inauguration of the Maritime Silk Road Society, on behalf of the Society, I would like to thank Mr. Zhou Bo, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, sincerely for taking time off his busy schedule to officiate at this evening’s ceremony. I wish to thank also all of our guests for their attendance in celebration of this historic moment.

  The Maritime Silk Road Society has been established in support of the nation’s grand “One Belt, One Road” strategy: partly to leverage Hong Kong’s unique position as the linchpin between mainland China and overseas countries and regions in promoting intra-regional business, trade and cultural exchange, and partly to identify new developmental opportunities for Hong Kong.

  “One Belt, One Road” is a far-sighted strategy, linking the past with the present, and Asia with Europe and Africa. As policies, facilities, trade, capital and hearts and minds become better and better connected, our nation and all the countries along the Belt and the Road will become increasingly integrated as a community of shared destiny. The successful implementation of this strategy holds tremendous implications for the development of the whole of Asia as well as for the resurgence of the Chinese race.

  Historically, Hong Kong was a transit port along the ancient maritime silk road. Today , Hong Kong can make significant contributions to the implementation of “One Belt, One Road” by leveraging its unique advantages in business know-how, trade and culture. Infrastructure is likely to be the first sector to benefit from the implementation of “One Belt, One Road”. As a highly sophisticated financial center, Hong Kong has great potential in functioning as a fund-raising platform for the infrastructural development under the aegis of this strategy.

  The construction of roads, railroads, ports and development of new shipping lanes along the Belt and the Road will also generate plenty of new opportunities for logistics, shipping and modern professional and business services. In the course of enhancing trade, cross-border e-commerce will flourish along with traditional trade and business. The technology sector as well as small and medium enterprises would also benefit.

  Hong Kong’s economic development has reached a turning point. We must build on our existing strengths, while simultaneously look for more room for growth for future generations. The development of “One Belt, One Road” provides a timely opportunity for us to find new directions.

  The Maritime Silk Road Society hopes to bring together Hong Kong’s community and provide full support to this unprecedented national project, leveraging Hong Kong’s well tried and tested power of imagination, determination and prodigious industry. Let Hong Kong set sail for another brave, new adventure as part of the national team, and create a better future!

  Thank you for your attention.