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Event Highlights

MSRS 2022 Annual General Meeting


The 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) was held on 22 November to adopt the minutes of 2021 AGM and to receive the 2021-2022 reports of the Executive Committee. As in the previous two years, the AGM was held in both online and onsite mode due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting was attended by advisors, office bearers and members of the Society.

Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of MSRS addressed the AGM with her welcoming remarks. She thanked the advisors and executive committee members who attended the AGM in person, including Mr Suen Kwok Lam representing Dr Peter Lee Ka-kit, Professor Billy So, Mr Lam Kwong Yu and Mr Wong Yam Yin. She reported on MSRS key activities, including the successful completion of overseas internships in Greece and Thailand by students under “Operation Zhang Qian — Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme”. She also announced the planning of a Belt and Road Forum in 2023 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Mr Bernard Chan, Co-Chair reported on the youth works and cultural activities such as seminars and visits related to the opening of the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Dr Louis Shih, Co-President highlighted the voluntary services undertaken by MSRS members in a campaign that assisted needy families to combat the pandemic. He mentioned about the growth in the number of MSRS members despite the pandemic. Ms Eunice Yung, Vice-Chair of the Youth Opportunities Committee, reported on the online training offered by Jardine Matheson Limited for “Operation Zhang Qian 2022” interns and activities related to innovation and technology.

Mr Alex Wong, CEO of MSRS, reported on the external development of the MSRS programmes. Ms Wendy Tsang, Executive Director, presented the 2021-2022 report on the Financial Statement of MSRS.