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Event Highlights

Mrs Regina Ip Gave Presentation on “Southern Transport Corridor”


On 6 November, Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of Maritime Silk Road Society, gave a presentation entitled “Southern Transport Corridor and its Economic Impact on Hong Kong” to an audience comprising representatives from Consulates–General in Hong Kong and enterprises and associations related to the Belt and Road countries and regions. 

Organized by the Silk Road Economic Development Research Center and supported by the Hong Kong Energy and Minerals United Association, the lunch talk took place at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club with an attendance of over 80 guests.

Mrs Ip briefly introduced the background of the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative, highlighting the important role played by Chongqing in connecting the hub between the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Yangtze Economic Belt and the strategic stronghold for the development of the Western Region. She also outlined how Guangxi facilitated the development of the Southern Transport Corridor via its Beibu Gulf Port which consists of Fangcheng, Qinzhou, and Beihai ports.

Mrs Ip also spoke about how Hong Kong’s trading and logistics industries performed to demonstrate the challenges facing these sectors. At the end of her presentation, Mrs Ip quoted the Framework Agreement on the “Southern Transport Corridor – Hong Kong-Chongqing Ocean-Rail Intermodal Logistics Cooperation” as a business case illustrating the collaboration of Hong Kong’s logistics sector with the Southern Transport Corridor.