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MSRS’ Submission on the Belt and Road to SAR Government


On 18 December, Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS), together with Board of Governors Co-Presidents Mr Yiu Mau Lung and Dr Louis Shih, and Executive Committee Co-Chair Mr Wong Kyin Pyu and Member Mr Edmund Lam, submitted “The Belt and Road Proposal” to Mr Edward Yau, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, with the aim of enhancing Hong Kong’s involvement in “People-to-people Bond” under the Belt and Road Initiative.
Three main proposals made by MSRS are as follows:
1. Setting up a cultural fund to promote cultural exchanges;
2. Assisting outreach by young people to enhance global perspective;  
3. Bonding with sister cities to strengthen trade and economic ties.
“In promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, various regions of the Mainland take part according to their own characteristics. Hong Kong, Macao and coastal regions are at the forefront of the ‘21st Century Maritime Silk Road’. Hong Kong, in particular, has the advantages for promoting cultural exchanges among different peoples with its unique East-meets-West background and cultural exposure,” said Mrs Regina Ip.
“To strengthen and leverage Hong Kong’s advantages, the proposal put forward by MSRS emphasizes on promotion of ‘People-to-people Bond’ under the Belt and Road Initiative,” stressed Mrs Ip.
“With support from the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, we can provide opportunities for different sectors of population, especially young people, to play their part in building the Belt and Road Initiative while promoting ‘People-to-people Bond’,” she said.
During the meeting, Mr Edward Yau highlighted the efforts of the SAR Government in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative in 2018, which would include the repeat organization of the Annual B&R Conference, a visit to Beijing and the launch of Belt and Road tourism, etc.
MSRS’ Submission on “The Belt and Road Proposal” (Chinese only)