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MSRS Delegation Attended 2017 China Investment Forum in Prague


         At the invitation of the Czech China Chamber of Collaboration and China CEFC Energy Company Limited (CEFC), Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) led a 20-member delegation to 2017 China Investment Forum held on 16-19 July in Prague, Czech Republic.  

         The forum was held at different venues in Prague, including the landmark Prague Castle, where Mr Miloš Zeman, President of Czech Republic; Mr Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of Czech Republic; Mr Lubomír Zaorálek, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic; and Mr Jan Hamacek, President of Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Czech Republic, greeted 1,000 participants from China, Central and Eastern Europe, Hong Kong and other places on various occasions.

         Themes of the forum covered finance, banking, industry, energy, new technology, e-commerce, civil aviation and Chinese medicine, etc. Members of the MSRS delegation came from sectors of finance, business and commerce, legal services, tourism, new technology, Chinese medicine, property investment, etc. They attended the relevant thematic roundtable conferences and exchanged views on economic development with other participants from different parts of the world.

         On 17 July, Mr Chauto Chan, President of CEFC met with the MSRS delegation, and hosted a luncheon at the Headquarters of CEFC for forum participants, including the MSRS delegation.

         Mrs Regina Ip would like to thank the organizers for inviting the delegates to Prague. “We are very much impressed by the capital which is the largest city of Czech Republic and the historical capital of Bohemia,” she said.

          “This inspiring forum brings us not only new insights into business development in China and Central and Eastern Europe, but also broadens our network. It will enable Hong Kong enterprises to grasp opportunities and to penetrate new markets under the Belt and Road Initiative,” Mrs Ip added.

         On 16 July, together with Dr Louis Shih, Co-President of MSRS, Mrs Ip also took the opportunity to meet the 10 Hong Kong students working in Prague with CEFC under the Society’s “Operation Zhang Qian – Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme”.

         Now in its second year, “Operation Zhang Qian - Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme” offered internship places for Hong Kong undergraduates to work in mainland China, Greece, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam for four to eight weeks from June to September this year.



The 20-member delegation, led by Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of MSRS, attending the 2017 China Investment Forum in Prague.


Mrs Regina Ip and Mr Chauto Chan, President of CEFC meeting with interns of Operation Zhang Qian” in Prague.


A group photography of the 10 students working in Prague with CEFC under the Society’s “Operation Zhang Qian”.


The delegates were attending a luncheon hosted by CEFC.