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Promotion of Chinese Culture in Greece 2024


For the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and enhancement of collaboration between Hong Kong and Greece, the Maritime Silk Road Society has engaged Mrs Ioanna Filippa as Cultural Consultant to undertake liaison of projects in Lefkada, Greece. With venue support from Orfeas, the Maritime Silk Road 6th Chinese School will commence in July offering Chinese lessons of all levels free of charge for teenagers and adults. Meanwhile, the Tai Chi class is held to promote balance of mind and body.





By Ioanna Filippa , Cultural Consultant

In the town of Lefkada (Ionian Islands Region-Greece)  there is a small group that practices the Chinese art of tai chi chuan.

Tai chi is a Chinese internal martial art and at the same time a form of exercise and cultivation of qi , the internal vital energy.

Antonis Christofidis has been teaching tai chi chuan classes in Lefkada since 2016, on a weekly basis (Tuesday-Thursday) in a private space.

More information about tai chi chuan in Lefkada can be found at: https://taichichuan-lefkada.gr