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Objectives and Structure


  Since the inauguration of Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) in September 2015, Mrs Regina Ip and Mr Bernard Chan, the Co-Chairs of MSRS noticed that the opportunities of upward mobility for young people in Hong Kong are diminishing. They then discussed the problem with members of MSRS and concluded that a Youth Opportunities Committee (YOC) should be set up. Dr Peter K.K. Lee accepted the invitation to be the Chair of the YOC and three young people, Mr Karson Choi, Ms Eunice Yung and Mr Roland Wong, agreed to join the Committee as Vice-Chairs. A special meeting of the YOC held in June 2017 approved the creation of a new post with Mr Wang Liang joining as Vice-Chair (Innovative & Technology).



  • To encourage young people to gain a better understanding of "The Belt and Road Initiative"
  • To assist young people to explore developmental opportunities of "The Belt and Road Initiative"
  • To create business and outward venturing opportunities for young people


Organization Structure