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  Youth Opportunities Committee aims at encouraging young people to gain a better understanding of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, help them explore developmental opportunities of the Initiative and enhance their competitiveness over the long term. Dr Peter K.K. Lee acts as the Chair of the YOC, and Mr Karson Choi, Ms Eunice Yung, Mr Roland Wong and Mr Wang Liang as Vice-Chairs.

Objectives and Structure

Youth Opportunities Committee provides events and activities for young generations to enhance competencies

Operation Zhang Qian — Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme

To encourage Hong Kong undergraduate students to re-capture the ancient spirit of adventure epitomized by Zhang Qian, the pioneer of the Silk Road in the Han dynasty, seize the developmental opportunities of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Cultural Tours

Increase students' understanding on the history and cultures of "the Belt and Road" regions,help them to grapse future developmental opportunities