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The Belt and Road Tea Culture Tour


 “The Belt and Road Tea Culture Tour”, organized by the Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) on 22 and 23 April (Saturday and Sunday), took participants around floral fields and tea plants. To enhance members’ knowledge about Chinese tea culture, participants took part in picking and stir frying tea leaves, and also brought their processed tea leaves back home for enjoyment.         

The leader of the tour, Mrs Regina Ip, Co-chair of MSRS, joined the tour after attending the Legco Finance Committee meeting held until early afternoon (22 April). The 40 participants of the tour visited Floral Garden, Wetland Garden, and other scenic spots in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town East. Then they proceeded to Tea Stream Valley where they picked and stir-fried tea leaves. At night, they shared experience in making good tea through interaction with an experienced Chinese tea instructor and other tea lovers.          

“About five or six years ago, I visited Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town East with my daughter, and both of us were fascinated by the scenic views of Tea Stream Valley. I am sure MSRS members all enjoy visiting this beautiful valley and have a cup of tea while staying away from the hustle and bustle of life,” Mrs Ip said.          

On the second day of the trip, participants visited China Agarwood Culture Museum in Dongguan. The final stop of the journey was CK Villa, located by the sea at Dameisha, where participants enjoyed a gorgeous lunch. On behalf of the delegation, Mrs Ip expressed her gratitude to Mr C.K. Chao for his hospitality and warm reception at his seaside resort.


1. Mrs Regina Ip enjoying a dinner with the tour members.

2. A group photo of the tour members at Tea Stream Valley.

3. Mrs Regina Ip visiting China Agarwood Culture Museum.

4. A group photo of the tour members at China Agarwood Culture Museum.

5. A group photo of the tour members taken at Mr C.K. Chao’s seaside resort.