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Event Highlights

“Nanhai No. 1 - Cultural Tour” Returns


  In response to the success of “Nanhai No. 1 - Cultural Tour” held in May 2016, the Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) organized a similar tour again on 17-18 March this year. There were more than 40 participants joining the tour, including the winners of “Chinese Culture Video Competition (2017): Communication between Different Civilizations on One Belt One Road” and the 1,000th member of MSRS.

  The “Nanhai No. 1 - Cultural Tour” aimed at enhancing the knowledge of MSRS members and the public on Maritime Silk Road culture and history. Participants first visited Fengyi Lane Diaolou cluster which forms part of the diaolou World Heritage Site featuring a group of buildings with a unique blend of oriental and western architecture. They then enjoyed an extensive bed of rapeseed flowers before proceeding to the flagship store of Yangjiang Shibaizi for browsing of souvenirs.

        On the second day of the tour, they visited Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum (Nanhai No. 1 Museum). Participants took a glimpse of the wreck of Nanhai No. 1, housed in the Museum with its 60,000 to 80,000 relics that had been submerged under the sea for over 800 years. They also saw the porcelain, daily commodities and precious gold ornaments from Song Dynasty from the wreckage. After the museum visit, there was a quiz related to “Nanhai No. 1” with prizes sponsored by China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited. The itinerary also included a tour of Hailing Island and delectable local cuisines.