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Event Highlights

Silk Road and Chinese Tea Culture – Exploration on Tea Leaves


As an extension of the Silk Road and Chinese Tea Culture series, the Maritime Silk Road Society organizes the “Silk Road and Chinese Tea Culture – Exploration on Tea Leaves” on Wednesdays, starting from 24 October for five consecutive weeks.

Among some 500 varieties of tea trees around the world, over 300 varieties can be found in China. Chinese tea leaves are called more than a thousand names after they have been processed. Therefore it is impossible to recognize all the names of Chinese tea.

During the exploration, an experienced tea instructor elaborates a classification of tea trees, shapes of tea leaves, six types of tea leaves (green, green-yellow, yellow, red, white and black) and four methods (non-fermentation, semi-fermentation, fully fermentation and process after fermentation) of tea production  for participants to have a better understanding of Chinese tea. Participants also have opportunities to taste the tea which they make it themselves.