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Event Highlights

Russia & Neighboring Countries Cultural Exploration


The Russia & Neighboring Countries Cultural Exploration, organized by Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS), started on 28 August. Participants meet every Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks to learn about history, culture, and essential travelling information of Russia and its neighboring countries.

Russian culture is integral to surrounding Eurasian regions. Despite the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the post-soviet states still preserve incredible cultural heritage. MSRS has invited Mr Yuen Ka Keung, a Hong Kong sports professional who set foot on post-Soviet states for exchange and attained Master's degree in Russia, to host this cultural event series. The Hong Kong public can benefit from his understanding of Slavic culture and related regions.

Yuen Ka Keung, who was born in the year of the Moscow Olympic Games, was the first ever Olympic Gymnastics Judge in Hong Kong. He has judged three consecutive Olympic Games and various international major events including Asian Games and Summer Universiade. During 2017, he received the Olympic Scholarships from “Potanin Foundation” to study “Master of Sport Administration” program in the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) in Sochi, which is the only Olympic University in the world and is located at the Russian Winter Olympic City. Mr Yuen graduated with excellent grades. Furthermore, Yuen Ka Keung has also studied Russian language for years and has frequently visited Russia and CIS countries for judging, sports visits and tourism. Thus, he has great understanding of the Russian and CIS countries’ cultures and their sports development.