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Event Highlights

MSRS Members visited Shenzhen Stock Exchange


On 15 August, Maritime Silk Road Society organized a visit to Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) exclusively for its members. Participants were of the few earliest visitors being received to the recently opened exhibition halls of SZSE.

Being established in 1990, SZSE is one of the two stock exchanges operating in China and is also one of the most important economic development platforms in the country. The number of Initial Public Offerings in SZSE was no.1 in the world, the amount of transaction was no. 4 among the world. The product system includes equities, funds, fixed income products and various derivatives.

The visit included viewing of the South and North exhibition halls, a briefing and exchange session which aimed at enhancing the public understanding towards the development of the belt and road regions. Participants of the tour can understand the daily operation of SZSE and explore the possibilities of cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

After the visit, participants had a lunch featuring local delicacies in a nearby restaurant.