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Event Highlights

Mr Alex Wong Presented to Students from VTC and Coventry University, UK


After his well-received VTC presentation in May 2017, Mr Alex Wong, CEO of MSRS was invited again by VTC to give a talk to an audience composed of local students from VTC and exchange students from one of its partner schools, Coventry University, UK. The talk was held at VTC’s IVE Haking Wong Campus in Cheung Sha Wan on 17 May.

The hour-long occasion introduced the fundamentals of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, such as core values and mechanisms. Mr Wong also iterated on mutually beneficial ties between China and the UK, as well as youth development opportunities in less developed countries.

In an effort to propel the Belt and Road Initiative in Hong Kong, Mr Wong highlighted MSRS’s internship programme “Operation Zhang Qian”. The programme has successfully helped more than 200 local students secure internship positions in Belt and Road countries since 2016, including students from VTC. The talk concluded with Q&A and a group photo session.