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Event Highlights

Mr Alex Wong Gave Presentation to Guangxi Students


       On 12 December 2017, at the invitation of The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Mr Alex Wong, CEO of Maritime Silk Road Society, gave a presentation on “The Belt and Road Initiative” and its implications on the development of Guangxi. The sharing session was attended by around 40 university students from Guangxi.         

       After briefly introducing “The Belt and Road Initiative”, Mr Wong examined the role of Guangxi under the Initiative. In view of the close relationship between Hong Kong and Guangxi, he pointed out that it is important for both parties to seize the developmental opportunities provided under the “Belt and Road Initiative”.           

       Mr Wong reckoned that the cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangxi can stimulate the development of both regions. Based on the “One Country, Two Systems” arrangement, Hong Kong can provide international talents, professional services and a financial platform to the “Belt and Road” regions and countries.