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Event Highlights

Talk on Central Asia – My Footprints on the Silk Road


     On 5 December, Maritime Silk Road Society (MSRS) invited Mr Yin Shuguang, a veteran journalist, commentator and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Wen Wei Po Daily News, to present the “Talk on Central Asia —My Footprints on the Silk Road”. About 30 members of MSRS and guests attended the seminar.

      Mr Yin started the talk with an introduction to Central Asia from geographical and historical perspectives. “Central Asia is the core region of the Eurasia continent, which stretches from the Caspian Sea in the west to China’s Xinjiang in the east and from Afghanistan in the south to Kazakhstan in the north. The ancient Silk Road passed through this region and connected the civilizations of the East and the West,” he said.

     “The Belt and Road Initiative has been highlighted repeatedly in Xi Jinping's report at 19th CPC National Congress, and adopted in the revised constitution of Communist Party of China. As China’s version of globalization, the Initiative promises new development for the rest of the world. Central Asia can play an important role and Hong Kong can achieve a lot,” he stressed. 


Brief Biography of Mr Yin Shuguang    

      Mr Yin is an expert on Russian, Central Asian and Chinese foreign relations and security issues. He is currently Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Wen Wei Po Daily News.  He is also Director of China Chinese-Russian Strategic Cooperation High Level Policy Institute, Special Advisor and Researcher of China Research Fund on International Issues, and Director of China-Central Asia Friendship Association, etc. His popular publications include: “Views from the Window” and “Friendship over Dizzying Peaks of Pamir” (co-authored). He has been a Russian interpreter for the Organization for Co-operation between Railways (an international organization based in Warsaw), Chief-correspondent of the People’s Daily in the five Central Asian and three Outer Caucasus nations, and Deputy Head of the People’s Daily’s Foreign Affairs Office.