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Event Highlights

MSRS Organizes “Silk Road and Chinese Tea Culture – Pu’er Tea”


       As an extension of the Silk Road and Chinese Tea Culture series, the Maritime Silk Road Society organizes the “Silk Road and Chinese Tea Culture – Pu’er Tea”, every Tuesday, starting on 19 September for five consecutive weeks.

      As Yunnan’s traditional tea named after its geographical region Ning’er County (ancient name: Pu’er Prefecture), Pu’er has been famous for its strong regional characteristics and unique processing technology. In addition, Pu’er is also a favourite herbal drink for vintage flavour due to its agedness. It is also said that Pu'er tea has the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood lipids and could enhance cardiovascular performance.

      During the study, an experienced tea instructor introduces the history and methods of preparing different types of Pu’er tea. Participants have their turns to explore and prepare tea so as to learn the key to make tasty Pu'er tea. In addition, they can share their experience and enjoyment with each other.