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Event Highlights

Meeting with Operation Zhang Qian Interns


On 4 September, Mr Lau Kong-wah, Secretary for Home Affairs, met with a group of interns who had completed their placement under “Operation Zhang Qian – Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme 2017” for the purpose of understanding their experience in the “Belt and Road” countries. Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of the Maritime Silk Road Society who initiated the internship scheme in 2016 introduced the nine interns to Mr Lau.

During the meeting, the interns took turn to share their experience of serving in their locality and what they had learned in terms of understanding the corporate culture, structure and products of their sponsoring companies as well as the local environment. All the interns found their experiences extremely beneficial to their future professional and career development. Mrs Ip recounted her visit to Prague and Athens in July to visit the interns working there and Mr Lau undertook to explore the possibility of implementing a reciprocal programme so that overseas/mainland undergrads could undertake internship in Hong Kong.