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Event Highlights

Mrs Regina Ip Spoke at Conference on Qianhai Opportunities


On 31 August, Mrs Regina Ip, Co-Chair of the Maritime Silk Road Society, gave a presentation at a business conference organized by Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited and co-organized by Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Qianhai, The Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services, and The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

With an attendance of over 200 professionals at HKCEC, the conference focused on “Belt and Road” and professionals’ opportunities in Qianhai. In her presentation, Mrs Regina Ip outlined the background to and purpose behind the creation of the Qianhai Free Trade Zone, which was to create a "special economic zone" within the Shenzhen SEZ. The objectives were to promote greater openness, experiment with further market reform, and promote the development of higher value-added professional services. She noted that many large Hong Kong corporations had established operations there, but small and medium enterprises found it difficult to gain market access. The Qianhai FTZ held great promise for Hong Kong in terms of providing greater market access for Hong Kong's professional and financial services and resources for the development of Hong Kong's technology enterprises and creative industries. Qianhai and Hong Kong would need to work closely together to overcome hurdles of market access and achieve greater synergies.

Besides the presentation, Mrs Regina Ip also took part in the panel discussion with Dr Witman Hung, Principal Liaison Officer for Hong Kong, Shenzhen Qianhai Authority as moderator; Mr Peter Kung, Partner-in-charge of KPMG China, and Mr Ambrose Lam, First President of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Qianhai as panelists.